Some Commonly Asked Questions


































  1. Do you do couples massages? Answer : No. Im the only massage therapist at my office. I can however massage people consecutively but each person would have to wait for the other.
  2. Do you do deep tissue/relax/therapeutic or hot stone massages? Answer: I don’t sell my services as one type or the other. They are priced by time and you wont be up-charged for the differentiation. My sessions include some if not all of the above mentioned types of massage as well as hot/cold stones, stretches, and cupping.
  3. Do you take walk-ins? Answer: I do not. Same day appointments are sometimes possible but rare. You can always request to be contacted in the event of a cancellation.
  4. Do you take outcalls to homes or hotels? Answer : I will never do outcalls to hotels but house calls may be in the future of my business.
  5. Are you a spa? Answer : No, my business is not a spa. I do therapeutic or evidence based treatment massage. I don’t offer facials, pedicures, manicures or similar treatments.
  6. Are the deposits for online bookings refundable? Answer : They are not. The deposit secures your appointment and my time. If you have to reschedule contact me as soon as possible to cancel. As long as you do, you will be able to reschedule without being charged an additional deposit and the amount will still be taken off the total price when you checkout in office.
  7. Are gift certificates or prepaid services refundable? Answer: I do not allow refunds on prepaid services or gift certificates. Neither product expires so you are welcome to use it any time but i prefer within 6 months. You may also transfer or gift them to a friend or family member in the event that you are unable to use them for whatever the reason may be. Make sure to contact me if you choose to do so.
  8. Can minors receive a massage? Answer: Yes, a minor can receive a massage but must have a parent or guardian accompany them and sign the minor release form provided at the time of the session.
  9. Do you use massage oil? Answer: I dont. I use Pure Touch Organic Massage Creme by Biotone. It has no scent. Will not leave an oily residue and isn’t tested on animals. Also safe to use on pregnant women. If that is not used it will be another similar Biotone product.
  10. Do you sell or use essential oils? Answer: I do not
  11. What is the best way to contact you? Answer : By text. You can call and i will return missed calls when time is allotted. I don’t answer calls while in session so its best to leave a voicemail or text message. Emailing or contacting through the website delays response time greatly. Feel free to text any time with questions that aren’t answered here or on the website.
  12. I can’t find a time slot I need online. What can I do? Answer : My scheduling software blocks an hour before and after each scheduled session. So if someone schedules a 4pm, you can’t book a 3:30pm or 5:30 pm online. Just send me a text to see if the time slot is open and i will respond once im able.
  13.  Can I schedule or request a full body massage?  Unfortunately no. Over the years I’ve centered my office around evidence based or clinical style practices and no longer have that as an option. If you need a massage to just manage stress I strongly suggest contacting a local day spa with licensed therapists available. 
  14.  What is a relaxing swedish massage and how is it different from what you do?  When preforming massage therapy to induce relaxation the strokes are more fluid and connected. Relaxation is a result of swedish and not an actual type of massage to request. I’m a medical massage therapist and have a more disconnected stroke style and use various tools and therapies to aid in manipulation of muscles. A full body massage just to induce relaxation will not involve targeted therapy for any reported client issues and should generally dont run longer than 60 mins.