Couples & Friends Massage Class

Giving a massage can be just as gratifiying

 Sometimes you need some extra bodywork in-between seeing your regular therapist or can’t fine the time to make it into the office every time you need it. Wouldn’t it be nice if your spouse/friend/significant other knew how to help you with your small issue? I offer a basic massage class that can teach you and a friend or partner how to do minor massage techniques that can help you between sessions. You just need someone to literally lend you a hand. Or two.

  • This class will not certify you in massage therapy. It will however give you basic techniques to provide relaxation or pain relief. This class will also be a great way for couples to bond and learn something new together that they can use at home for the entirety of the relationship.
  • The class participants will receive an outline of what will be learned, a bottle of massage lotion to take home and a certificate as a keepsake
  • The class will be approximately 1.5 hrs if only one person will be learning and approximately 2.5 hrs if both people will be participating in learning the techniques. Everything needed will be provided.

Mutual Learner Class $180

Single Learner Class $90

Massage is not a luxury. It’s a way to a heathier, happier life.

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